I am glad to present the - for me - most rewarding profession: the one of a plastic surgeon. With high quality and an expertise of over 25years we are able to achieve a 98% rate of highly satisfied patients. Cornerstones of my work are my invention of the “fan-facelift” and the “muscle-cap” mammary augmentation. Those I presented successfully at the worlds biggest conventions in San Francisco 2010 and Geneva 2012.

Honesty is a very important point in my responsible profession. Therefore you will find recommendation and warnings in these 350pages. You may use a translation for the German pages, but will find in the international section the key topics. My homepage is not meant as a selling tool, but should inform you about the possibilities and the limits of my profession.

The best plastic surgery homepage cannot replace a personal examination and talk. Faith is necessary for a successful treatment – starting with filler injections till a surgical procedure as a facelift or a mammary correction. Faith has to be build up in a personal consultation here in Salzburg or in my practice in Vienna. My next patient is always my most important one. This is my guideline to treat and advice you individually.




Dr. Walther Jungwirth


President of the Austrian Society for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

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