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Our open and detailed price list for aesthetic plastic surgery


You will find here the actual pricelist for my services. The pricelist is intended to give you detailed information. Our prices include fee of the plastic surgeon, assistant doctor, anesthetist, internist, operation team, nurses and world-best material for sutures and taxes. Please take this into account, because often you find just the fee for the plastic surgeon in the price list.

We want to provide utmost quality for you and therefore all surgery is done by Dr. Jungwirth himself in a perfect setting. Our operation rooms are certified and meet the highest standards.

For detailed information a personal consultation in one of my offices in Salzburg or Vienna / Austria is necessary. The consultation is needed to find out if we can achieve a given therapeutic goal and to build up necessary faith.

 yours sincerely

Dr. Walther Jungwirth

Board certified Plastic Surgeon

President Austrian Society for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

A detailed examination and consultation by Dr. Walther Jungwirth himself is Euro 80.- This includes medical education about an intended treatment. Detailed price information and German written description about the treatment. Many pre- and postoperative pictures are collected in our newsletter “Schönschrift”.

We do have in Austria a law which makes it necessary to wait from consultation till operation for foreigners one week. Needle treatments or Botulinus can be done immediately.


Filler treatment for wrinkles: one cc of highest quality hyaluronic filler material including treatment is 420.- Euro


Magic needle skin contour modeling treatment: one cc of highest quality hyaluronic filler material including treatment is 460.- Euro – most of the times 2cc are needed to get a good and long lasting result.


Injection of botulinus toxin: are  charged by region – for example crow/forehead/glabella lines/chin – one region is € 400.- / two regions are € 510.- / three regions are € 600.-



Injection of botulinus toxin against hyperhidrosis – depending of necessary material – for example: axilla each side € 290.-

prices of surgical procedures

All operations are done by the head ot the plastic and aesthetic surgery department, Dr. Walther Jungwirth, himself!

Prices include fees for the surgeon, assistent medical doctor, anesthesiology, operating room fee, all necessary medication and all taxes. Please take this into account, because often you just get the fee for that surgeon as a proposal.

Operating fee are to be payed in advance. There are companies who finance aesthetic surgery, but we have no special affiliation to one of them. If necessary, you may choose one on your own.

If a patient wants more then one aesthetic surgery operation at the same time, we charge the main operation full, all others are deducted by 25%. The reason is, that we do need less time and are willing to pass over this advance to our patients.

attention ! our prices include the full operation with operation room and anaesthesiology - no extra fees charged

Very often pricelists just mention the fee of the surgeon. If one compares our operation fees, please notice that our fees include the full operation:
- fee of head surgeon Dr. Jungwirth
- fee of asstisant surgeon
- fee of anaesthesiologist
- fee for surgery operation room, nurses
- all necessary medication
- highest quality sutures
- postoperative examination, stich removal
- taxes

During our first consultation you will get the full infromation about the cost of the operation. Our pricelist does not say "starting at..." but says the cost of the operation.

pricelist aesthetic plastic surgery by Dr. Jungwirth 2023

  second surgery = 80%           Als Haupt-OP
Breast reduction or tightening

€ 6080,-


€ 7600,-

Breast enlargement (mammary augmentation) (+ 2 breast implants à € 644,-)

€ 5360,-


€ 6700,-

Breast enlargement + tightening (+ 2 breast implants à ca. € 644,-)    

€ 9200,-

Implant removal

€ 3160,-


€ 3950,-

Upper lid blepharoplasty

€ 2760,-


€ 3450,-

Lower lid blepharoplasty

€ 3120,-


€ 3900,-

Rhinoplasty - nose correction

€ 6160,-


€ 7700,-

Mini-Facelift (cheek, chin line)

€ 5520,-


€ 6900,-

Fan- Facelift (cheek, chin line, mid face elevation!)

€ 6160,-


€ 7700,-

Endotine forehead lift (endoskopic)

€ 4480,-


€ 5600,-


€ 4320,-


€ 5400,-

Fat removal / liposuction (Water-Jet-Liposuction)

€ 5280,-


€ 6600,-

Fat removal / liposuction (Water-Je-Liposuction) medium

€ 4640,-


€ 5800,-

Fat removal / liposuction (Water-Je-Liposuction) small

€ 3440,-


€ 4300,-

fat - transfer small

€ 3440,-


€ 3450,-

fat transfer medium

€ 4480,-


€ 5600,-

tummy -tuck /abdominoplastiy

€ 6240,-


€ 7800,-

Tigh-/Upper armlift

€ 4480,-


€ 5600,-

Bullhor-Lip lift

€ 2240,-


€ 2800,-

Skin rejuveneration/ diamond dermabrasion

€ 2640,-


€ 3300,-


daily fee at the hospital

inclusive medical examination by an internal medical doctor, eck, laboratory, visiting fees, medication, taxes. Hospital fee is charged by a daily basis - one night means therefore two hospital days. (This is different to hotels.)

  • 1 day at the clinic € 620,-                      
  • 2 days at the clinic € 1240,-
  • 3 days at the clinic € 1860,-
  • any further day € 620,-
  • the night before the operation is free

outpatient surgery:

  • OP group I € 490,-
  • OP group II € 840,-
  • OP group III € 1150,-
  • OP group IV € 1900,-

Breast Implants (eg 2 Eurosilicon TMF Implantate € 644.- Tax inc..), Sport-bra and garment has to be paid during the stay at the clinic.

In a case of cancelled operation there is a  cancellation-fee which has to be paid.

In any kind of private reason to cancel an appointed operation there are the following cancellation-fees:

cancellation until:

  • 14 days before operative procedure - no fee
  • 14 till 7 days before operative procedure - 30% of full operation fee
  • 7 bis 3 days before operative procedure - 50% of full operation fee
  • 2 bzw. 1 days before operative procedure - 80% of full operation fee
  • no-show or no cancellation - 90% of full operation fee   

Deposit of full operation fee is obligatory. Please take with you a proof of the money transfer or the money, when entering the hospital.

more questions to our services and fees?

Please call - even out of office hours - our patient management Mrs. Ortmann +43 / (0) 664 / 250 80 85

or email us:

Download pricelist (only in german language)

pricelist for aesthetic surgery valid from 01.01.2020

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